Size & Thickness: picture size 4.3 x 6.3 Inches (3 Mils) to laminate photos, business cards, luggage tags, ID cards, children’s artwork, and stickers - laminating pouches are adjusted for smaller projects and DIYs - laminating paper is compatible with any laminating machine for a full seal protecting from overtime damage - a great alternative to laminating sheets

Surface & Design: the glossy surface of thermal laminating pouches reflects light and enhances the color of your laminating pouches, rounded corners provide the smooth finish of photo laminating sheets - extend the life of your paper pieces using thermal laminating pouches - no air bubbles or creases, fully sealed image with thermal laminating pouches

Benefits of Laminate Sheets: premium quality laminating pouches extend the longevity of your essential laminate papers, add strength and durability to frequently used documents, certificates, cards, photos, study aids, bookmarks, and membership cards while protecting them from water/moisture, UV light, and creasing

Adhesive Dots: your lamination kit includes photo-safe adhesive dots for stickers, pictures, and labeling - when laminating sheets you can keep all your favorite images in sight - all you need is to pop images into your laminating pouches and run them through a thermal machine - you're all set

Laminating Ideas: create laminated flashcards, personalized name tags, laminate sentimental items, study/teaching aids, recipe cards, labels, and signs with thermal laminating pouches - you can also add glitter or colorful paper chunks to your laminating sheets for a unique design

3 mil
4.3x6.3 inches
Picture Size
Matte Finish

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