BUSINESS CARD SIZE WITH A STRONG SHIELD (4 MIL THICKNESS): Self laminating sheets for id cards size – 2.6 x 3.9 inches; 4 mil thick; self seal laminating sheets are suitable for laminating sheets up to 2.3 x 3.6 inches or laminating cards; two single-sided lamination sheets required to laminate front and back of a paper

PREMIUM TRANSPARENT FINISH: clear double-coating of business card laminating pouches is suitable for dry erase markers - no air bubbling, no peeling, or color fading; self adhesive laminating sheets work as a social security card protector, id card protector, or as sticker paper

PROFESSIONAL USE: La Llama self laminating sheets are UV ray-resistant, waterproof, and tear-and-wear-resistant; self seal laminating sheets withstand harsh conditions and frequent use - great for making stickers, spice labels, food labels, address labels, shipping labels, gift sticker labels

PRESSURE-SENSITIVE SELF ADHESIVE LAMINATING SHEETS: simply peel and stick self laminating sheets for id cards and laminate tags, name badges, bookmarks, luggage tags, business cards, id cards; La Llama id card laminating pouches are guaranteed to work with no heat or a laminating machine

SCISSORS INCLUDED: effortlessly trim business card laminating pouches to 2.3x3.6 or smaller paper articles; laminating paper is suitable for insurance cards, ID cards, stickers, flashcards, name badges, and other small and mini paper-based articles

4 mil
2.6x3.9 inches
Card Size
Clear Glossy Finish

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