VERSATILE LAMINATION PAPER - premium self laminating sheets 9 x 11.5 inches are 4 mils thick; Lamination pouches are designed for various paper sizes, including letter size laminating sheets 8.5 x 11 inches, large and small craft projects; The set includes 10 self adhesive laminating pouches

ENHANCED 3D VISUAL APPEAL - holographic laminate sheets are perfect for presentations, adding an extra dimension to your papers, pages, photos, and bookmarks; Self sealing laminating sheets 8.5 x 11 enhance ink colors and are ideal for creating eye-catching stickers, flyers, menus, labels, and artwork

PROFESSIONAL-GRADE 4 MIL PROTECTION - holographic laminate sheets offer reliable safeguarding against tearing, wrinkling, water, moisture, UV rays, frequent use, and harsh conditions; Similar to 5 mil laminating sheets, these 4 mil lamination pouches provide a professional level of durability

WATERPROOF LAMINATING FILM - Achieve a secure and waterproof seal with holographic sticker paper; Holographic laminate offers superior sturdiness compared to vinyl sticker paper or decal paper, ensuring long-lasting protection for your valuable creations, mailing labels, shipping labels, food labels

✂️ LAMINATION KIT INCLUDES SCISSORS - Easily cut self-lamination sheets into various sizes, such as 8.5x11, 5x7, 4x6, 3x5, and 2x3.5 inches. Self sealing pouches can be used to laminate paper, a wide range of school supplies, homeschool supplies, artwork, classroom supplies, business cards, ID cards

4 mil
9x11.5 inches
Letter Size
Holographic 3D Finish

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